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New Phone

February 2nd, 2010 by Conductor

So I bought a new cell phone, and ditched Sprint for AT&T.

What did I buy you ask?

My new phone

Yeah, I know. It's a Blackberry. The irony is not lost on me.

I bought it through Newegg for $0.

They had a special where the phone was free with a 2 year contract. Much easier than dealing with the rebate  AT&T was offering.

So far it’s been pretty good, although it did force me to upgrade my wireless network setup at home.
“Say what now?” you ask? Yeah. It seems that my old Netgear WG602 AP simply will not accept a MAC address that starts with  F into the approved MAC list. Works fine with MAC filtering off and encryption on or with all of it off, but I wanted the MAC encryption as well.  The Mk I version of the WG602 that I have seems to be the only one afflicted with the issue, as subsequent revisions seem to work fine. Yay. So I went off in search of a new AP, which revealed that AP’s are still egregiously over priced compared to the cost of a wireless router. I’ve stayed away from the latter because I don’t like the single point of failure.

However, my old RP614  (v1) router has been showing signs of it’s age recently, and I’d been wanting to get a unit with Gigabit Ethernet anyway to go with my home LAN.  Finding a wired only gigabit router wasn’t really going well (at least in the price range I wanted to be in), so I dug deeper.

What I wound up with is the Netgear WNDR3700, which has proved pretty nice so far.  I didn’t know it at the time it had been included in a CPU Magazine Networking roundup.  (I’ll add links to the reviews that helped me decide later.)

I’ll put the WG602 back into service as a secondary AP to get better 802.11b/g coverage in the house, as it still works fine outside the odd MAC address issue.

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  1. fender Says:

    Heh. I’m interested in the Bold personally.. Leaning towards a crackberry.. I would love a Nexus One but I’m not holding up hope for it being here any time soon.

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