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So I got sent to San Francisco on Sept 30th…

October 12th, 2009 by Conductor

Goal was to setup a remote access system that would make it easier for a team working there to be connected to the home office.

Had to get about a dozen laptops and 4 printers and a multifunction device online and working, along with the 2 devices that handled the connections. Pretty simple in theory, and the original plan had me leaving on the October 5th, since the multifunction device wasn’t slated to arrive until the 2nd, giving me enough time to setup and test everything. Initial setup went ok, and I spent the 1st couple of days getting the laptops current on Windows Updates, and generally testing out the connection.

Then the multifunction arrived, at least the printer section did, a day early.  It was covered in toner, as the box appears to have been rolled across the country. Thanks, FedEx Ground! Called the home office, and after convincing them that cleaning the thing was not an option, they acquired and had a new device sent out for delivery on Monday.  So I’ve basically got a day to get that up assuming everything goes well, then fly back to NY.  As you may have guessed, that didn’t happen.

To spare you the long version, (and it is long), if you’re ever going on a trip, and are debating whether or not to take an item with you that you probably won’t need, but if you do it’s the only thing that will help, take that item.

The day the replacement multifunction arrived, the internet connection went batshit insane. Had I followed my initial instinct and taken the network testing device with me, I may have been able to help fix the issue a day or two sooner, but in the end it took until Thursday to resolve. While that was going on I was able to work with people back in the home office and discern that the multifunction device had old firmware that was preventing the custom functions we load from working, and get that resolved.

With everything working as designed, I finally came home on Saturday.

Can’t complain too much since it did turn out to be a week of basically light duty while staying in a posh hotel for free.

Oh, I did get to see the Blue angels buzzing the city at very low levels for a couple of days.  Even before 9/11 that wouldn’t have gone over well in New York, and there’s no way they’d get to do it these days, despite how freaking cool it is. Blast our horribly busy air corridor.

I also got to see part of the Love Day Parade. This was good and bad at the same time. Good in that there were a large number of attractive women wearing lots of spandex, and more often than not not very much at all.  Bad in that nearly everyone in the parade was doing the same thing. That includes men and women of various ages and levels of physical conditioning in varying (occasionally excessive) states of undress.

Now, I’m not the finest example of fitness out there by any stretch of the imagination. However, I don’t go prancing down the street mostly naked dancing to club music, although the Love Day Parade is probably the one an only place I could get away with it without people throwing clothes at me.

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