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My, that’s a large cat… Wait. That’s NOT a cat!

March 27th, 2009 by Conductor

It’s a Raccoon. A freakin’ Raccoon!
Ok. It’s after midnight, I’m looking out the front window of the house and noticed what I thought was a stray cat sniffing around the neighbors garbage. Then it moved more into the light and I realized that it was in fact a Raccoon. In the middle of Brooklyn. It headed up my driveway and disappeared into the darkness before I could get outside with a camera. Yes, I know, chasing a Raccoon in the dark is not smart, so I didn’t go after it. I did want to get a picture of it though, since I don’t think anyone in this neighborhood has ever seen a live raccoon in person. I know I haven’t in not quite 30 years of living here.

Update: Apparently, I’ve simply been lucky or unlucky enough to have never seen a Raccoon in Brooklyn before. They’re everywhere.
As it turns out, New York City has the highest concentration of the little masked bandits in the state. Suck it, Cheektowanga!

A neighbor has also seen the Racoon (assuming it’s just the one) as well, so I wasn’t having some late night hallucination.
Yay, vestige of sanity, eh?
No signs of the critter since then.

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