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Is it still Rickrolling if you actually get Rick Astley to do it?

November 28th, 2008 by Conductor

I still say he’s been a remarkably good sport about the whole thing, and I still enjoy his music.
And if he can make some money off of it, why the hell not?

In other news, the W’s in the shop getting some dings fixed, so I got a rental from Enterprise.
It’s a 2009 Ford Escape. On the whole, it’s not bad, but there are some issues.
Now, I’ve not driven a Ford in a number of years, so I’d forgotten how, well… mushy the handling is from the driver’s perspective.

The steering is sluggish and loose. Fans of Top Gear may wish to refer to the review of Ford’s F-150 to get an idea of what I’m talking about.

In the W, you jiggle the steering wheel, the wheels jiggle too. In the Escape, you jiggle the wheel and the wheels continue following the last major input they were given. I suppose that’s good for drivers with shaky hands, but it is very disconcerting coming from a more responsive vehicle.

The other adjustment I’ve had to make is the throttle. The throttle response isn’t all that gradual, although that may just be the different pedal feel. Also, with the W, there is Turbo Lag, which basically means if you step on the gas, it’ll go, but then it’ll go harder once the turbocharger kicks in. On the Ford, there’s no turbo, and as such no lag, so there’s a bigger initial surge of power.

Other than that, it’s an ok vehicle. Fairly roomy, decent stereo, although the center console is cluttered with buttons, and it’s fairly quiet.

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At Last.

November 14th, 2008 by Conductor

After years of waiting for the domain to expire, attempts to buy it outright, and seriously contemplating extreme methods to wrest control of from, the suckass French registrar that was pretty much squatting the domain since the unknown (presumably) French person that registered it for their crappy blog, probably after finding that was very much taken.

Anyway, after a couple (a few??) years of having the domain on backorder, finally left it lapse completely, and now it’s mine!

Just so you’re aware of who handled the backorder, not to mention diligently refunding my money each time I tried to buy the domain outright through them, look no further than!

Finding out I finally got the domain was a really good way to end what was a really lackluster day.

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For those that know the song and the driver, this is very funny…

November 6th, 2008 by Conductor

Pretty sure he passed but didnt inhale. The last thing you need when running over 230MPH is to be high.

Pretty sure he passed it, but didn't inhale. The last thing you need when running over 230MPH is to have your reflexes dulled by a foreign substance.

Image swiped from the 1010 WINS .com live audio feed.

Wiki page on the song…

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Go Vote.

November 4th, 2008 by Conductor

If you can go vote today, and you don’t go vote today, don’t complain later. Also, you’re a lazy sot.

Don’t like the candidates? Tough, pick one or ask for a Write in Ballot and put in the name you want, just as long as it’s not Dr. Phil or something…

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It is decided. Halloween > Christmas.

November 1st, 2008 by Conductor

I shall explain.

On Halloween, people are free to dress up however they want, walk about the city as if it were any other day where nobody pays them any mind except to compliment them on their outfit, and if they’re so inclined, act like the character they’re dressed up as. Well, within limits anyway.

No homicidal crime sprees or destroying the Tokyo Tower or fondling people without their permission. If, however you do get permission from someone to fondle them, and they are of legal age in your municipality, then I say to you lucky guys and gals, “Woohoo! and smoke ’em if you got ’em!

Anyway, back to Halloween. It’s about as free and uninhibited as you can get these days. As I mentioned, you can be anything you want. And I mean Anything.

French Maid? Oui! Geisha? Hai! You and your crew want to go as the Justice League, Sand Ninjas, Pimps & Ho’s, Zombies, Pirates, Ninjas (regular), or just walk around as a giant penis in a forlorn search for a giant vagina, anus or mouth? Good on ya! Just don’t be surprised if people, including small children, come up to you and ask to pose for pictures. Anything you want to be or just look like, your imagination, budget, and how willing you are to go out in public in that outfit.

It’s the one day out of the year where spandex, used for good, evil or just wrong is ok with everybody. If, as apparently many out there are, into spandex, then Halloween is your night, be it as a Voyeur or a Participant.

To be honest, I see the allure. But then being out on the street with literally hundreds and hundreds of good looking women with really nice legs in tights, stockings and pantyhose of pretty much every color out there, combined with the many, many skimpy outfits that went with them, it’s pretty hard not to see the attraction.

Oh, and I have to take a moment to comment to the young lady that looked at me a bit funny last night as she walked past my car at a red light. Just to be clear, if you’re less than 5″5″, wearing what appeared to be a showgirl outfit (red with black trim I think) with what I can only describe as a rather aggressive bustier, and walk past someone with your… womanly charms propped up like a pastry shop display at their eye level, just take it as a compliment if said person doesn’t look you in your pretty blue eyes right away. It’s a base genetic response, so forgive us if we don’t feel as much of a need to suppress that reaction on Halloween, the night it’s ok to look. By the way, my inner caveman says, “Nice Rack.”

Anyway, let’s take a look at Christmas.

While it’s supposed to be a religious event to celebrate the birth of Christ, in reality, what it winds up is 30 days of shopping and hoping you know the people you’ve been shopping for as well as you think you do, and that they’ll like the gift you got them. One of the worst feelings one can have is seeing someone open your very thoughtful gift that you stood in line for hours to get, and see, if only for a split second, that look of disappointment on their face as they realize it wasn’t what they wanted, or it’s something they have already, or worst of all, exactly what they never ever wanted to get. Now the recipient doesn’t mean to make you feel bad, and will usually try to mask the reaction to avoid doing so. However, they don’t always succeed. I think I’ve managed to avoid that on both sides, although I know I’ve done the expression thing myself before. All the while, everybody’s supposed to seem cheerful, even if they’re not. As for costumes, on the adult side you’ve got Santa, Mrs. Claus, Elves, Angels and reindeer I suppose, but that’s pretty much it outside the characters from the Nativity plays have, and those are just for children. Pretty limited selection there, and totally ignores everybody who doesn’t celebrate Christmas. Then there’s all the culturally sensitive crap that’s cropped up like stinkweed over the last few years where people want to make things super generic by making everyone simplify their greeting and well wishes down to “Seasons Greetings” or “Happy Holidays.” If I know which holidays my friends and coworkers celebrate, I’m going to wish them a good one. If they don’t celebrate any of them, I wish ’em a Happy Festivus, we laugh and move on.

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