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You took the Bus? Really? Yes. It was nice, even.

August 9th, 2006 by Conductor

08/09/06 – Ok, that was a long stretch of no updates. But transit wise, it’s been fairly boring for a change.

Had an interesting experience this morning. Had to take the WRX in for scheduled maintenance, and to have the A/C checked, since it’s been blowing hot air lately. (Most uncomfortable during the recent heat wave, but it was better than the subway, and I had my Camelback.)
Anyway, as I headed towards the dealership, I saw some express buses heading the opposite way.* I saw that the X28 went to 23rd St. while the X38 went to 57th and Madison in Midtown. Since I was not looking forward to the endless haul on the D train, I decided to take the X38 in, since it would get me within 2 blocks of the office. After dropping the car off at the dealer, I walked over to the bus stop and waited. Unlike the B35 that takes 10-15 minutes to show up on a good day, the X38 arrived less than 5 minutes later. I got on, sat down, and fired up PocketTunes on my Tungsten X and tossed together a playlist. (2GB SD cards are handy) This was around 8am, probably a few minutes after. After a surprisingly comfortable ride of about an hour, I got off the bus at 48th and Madison, and got to work at about 9:15. Nice. Of course, given my normal luck with the MTA, to simply get to an express bus stop requires me to drive or take a regular bus first, which really defeats the whole “Express” purpose. Plus, the express bus lines nearest my home don’t go near my job. The MTA – going your way, just not from anywhere near where you live.

*My dealership is about 7 miles (30 minute drive) from my house in the opposite direction from my job, and my appointment with them was for 7:30am. I work 10am to 6pm, so I normally get up between 7:30am and 8am, so getting up at 6:30am was not fun. Have I mentioned I’m not a morning person?

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