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Now that’s love. Or insanity. Maybe both. Probably both.

February 23rd, 2010 by Conductor

While I do know I’d like to be in love with a woman, I honestly have to wonder if this might be overdoing it.
Still I like the use of Bill Wither’s “Ain’t No Sunshine”.

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1 armed bandit

February 13th, 2010 by Conductor

Pinched ulnar nerve in right arm.

Need MRI, but think its calcification or bone spur. MRI pending approval.

“til then on oxycodone. Codeine, advil, and aleve didn’t help the pain. They knew it was bad when I kept asking when the codeine was supposed to start working.

Oxycodone helping with sleep, but during day you get 2 hours lucid, then sleep or it gets all… loopy, but arm still hurts some.

Loopy phase kicking in now. Telltale is you get cold really fast all of a sudden.

Also, typing left handed sucks ass. Seriously.

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My playlists live!

December 30th, 2008 by Conductor

For about 4, maybe 5 years now, I’ve been looking for a way to fix the approximately 70 or so playlists I’d created before I reorganized my the folder I keep my ripped MP3’s in. Initially, I’d just had folders for each artist, with all their songs lumped into their respective folder. I also wasn’t using id2 or id3 tags either, so that quickly gets messy once you get past a few hundred CD’s. I’ve got closer to 700 now I think, nearly all of which are now ripped into folders for the artist, then the album with id2 and id3 tags. But I still had all those old (some really good) playlists to deal with. The shorter ones were not hard, but it quickly became clear this was a task better done by sofware.

Problem was, nobody seemed to make one.
I was one sad panda.

Yesterday I half heartedly updated another m3u manually, then decided to try looking again.

Apparently, my earlier search-fu was weak.

Enter listFix() a java based utility that does exactly what I need.
I’ve only used it for about 10 minutes, but it’s doing what I want, with minimal interaction from me.
If it handled batches of playlists, I’d be damned happy. Actually it might do that, but it’s 3:20am and I need sleep.

Little update to this one.

I’ve finished fixing my playlists, save for one egregiously convoluted one titled Long Play, which will take longer.

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Odd poll I saw a link to over at Wapsi Square.

December 14th, 2008 by Conductor

Wapsi Square, in case you’re curious, is one of the webcomics I read, by Paul Taylor (no relation that I’m aware of except we both sport a Goatee).

Anyway, it’s an odd little poll, but the result I got was kinda cool.

Your rainbow is shaded black.


What is says about you: You are a powerful person. You appreciate mystery. You may meet people who are afraid of you.

Find the colors of your rainbow at

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Is it still Rickrolling if you actually get Rick Astley to do it?

November 28th, 2008 by Conductor

I still say he’s been a remarkably good sport about the whole thing, and I still enjoy his music.
And if he can make some money off of it, why the hell not?

In other news, the W’s in the shop getting some dings fixed, so I got a rental from Enterprise.
It’s a 2009 Ford Escape. On the whole, it’s not bad, but there are some issues.
Now, I’ve not driven a Ford in a number of years, so I’d forgotten how, well… mushy the handling is from the driver’s perspective.

The steering is sluggish and loose. Fans of Top Gear may wish to refer to the review of Ford’s F-150 to get an idea of what I’m talking about.

In the W, you jiggle the steering wheel, the wheels jiggle too. In the Escape, you jiggle the wheel and the wheels continue following the last major input they were given. I suppose that’s good for drivers with shaky hands, but it is very disconcerting coming from a more responsive vehicle.

The other adjustment I’ve had to make is the throttle. The throttle response isn’t all that gradual, although that may just be the different pedal feel. Also, with the W, there is Turbo Lag, which basically means if you step on the gas, it’ll go, but then it’ll go harder once the turbocharger kicks in. On the Ford, there’s no turbo, and as such no lag, so there’s a bigger initial surge of power.

Other than that, it’s an ok vehicle. Fairly roomy, decent stereo, although the center console is cluttered with buttons, and it’s fairly quiet.

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For those that know the song and the driver, this is very funny…

November 6th, 2008 by Conductor

Pretty sure he passed but didnt inhale. The last thing you need when running over 230MPH is to be high.

Pretty sure he passed it, but didn't inhale. The last thing you need when running over 230MPH is to have your reflexes dulled by a foreign substance.

Image swiped from the 1010 WINS .com live audio feed.

Wiki page on the song…

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Name that tune! …Please?

January 27th, 2008 by Conductor

Ok. This is probably the 1st of what may turn out to be a few “Name that tune” requests.

I thinkĀ this is in Portuguese, possibly the Brazilian version. I’m not 100% certain, but it does not sound like it’s the singer’s native language to me.
Basically, I’ve had a copy of this song for a few years now, and have yet to identify the name of the song, or the artist that performed it so I can go out a buy the CD. Yes, I actually still buy CDs. None of the legal download sites offer 320Kbps 44or48KHz CBR Stereo downloads, so the quality is too low for me. If I can’t find a song, or want to hear more than the crappy 30 second samples you get on Amazon, Tower or B&N before deciding to buy it, I’ll download it through other means until I can find the CD, some of which I’d need to go to Japan to maybe find, or at least find a site that carried it as an import for a non butt-violating price.
(BTW – Joint Stereo is the foul creation of sick twisted people who should be tossed into the sea with just enough lead weights to drag them down to whatever depth the giant squids hang out at.)

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2003 Year End Summary Take 1

December 29th, 2003 by Conductor

12/29/2003 – Another year gone by. Well, not much to add this time. I renewed the domain for another couple of years, and found out that someone in France of all places the domain though there’s no website up at the moment. Weird. I’m thinking I’m going to need a digital camera soon, or just break down and buy a proper camera bag for my SLR. Realistically, I’ll probably do the latter, since I can’t give up the flexibility of an SLR. I can’t compose a shot properly with a point and shoot camera. I’m hoping the next six months will see some nice Digital SLR units that capture a full 35mm frame for about $1000 (US). Of course then I’ll have to invest in a new lens system, but I think it’ll be worth it just to be able to bolt on one of those giant sports ultra zoom lenses that need their own tripods. Not that I have the cash for one, of course.

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